Patient-facing Study Websites

One of the features of 'Clinical Trial Portal' is that it allows to set one of the Projects inside the Portal as 'Public Project'. The actual content of this public Project can then be used to create a regular website.

The ability to create Patient-facing Study websites has proven to be valuable as it allows to inform potential trial participants (patients) about the ins and outs of an ongoing trial or research project.

To get an impression about the functionality of a trial website, have a look at the Meniscus Study website.. One of our clients (Active Implants) is using this platform to inform potential subjects about the meniscus implant they are investigating. The study website allows potential subjects to connect directly with a participating Investigator.

More information on this topic, including a price indication, can be found at Patient-facing Study Websites.

Using a study website allows to include video's, graphical explanations of treatment details, study documents, Informed Consent documents, etc.
Furthermore, as all standard Portal tools are available in the public website, a web-based screening form can also be included. As well as information on the participating clinical sites and their contact details. Content of each web-page can be fully customized, links to investigator's personal web-pages can be included.

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Figure 1: Example of Trial website
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Figure 2: Subject Screening
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