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Named Patient Programs

Named Patient Programs

This Client Case describes the usage of 'Clinical Trial Portal' for a Named Patient Program, more specifically for a 'Medical Need Program'.
In this Medical Need Program (MNP), participating Physicians use the web-Portal to register new Patients and request Medication.
The workflow and logistics is fully handled by the Portal. Each action results in a notification email being sent to the responsible person(s). Where needed, a Task Centre provides an overview of Tasks which are awaiting further action. Automated triggers signal further actions, like a reminder sent to Physicians to timely request Follow-up medication.

One of the main reasons for our client (Astellas Pharma) to decide for our web-based platform was the user-friendliness of our platform. Both for the participating Physicians and for the Sponsor.

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User Registration procedure (Physicians and Study Nurses)
Patient Privacy and Data Encryption
Task Center
Email Notifications and Workflow

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Named Patient Programs

Named Patient Programs are used to provide controlled, pre-approval access to drugs in response to requests by physicians on behalf of specific, or 'named', patients before those medicines are licensed in the patient’s home country. Thes programs are also know as 'Compassionate Use' or 'Medical Need Programs'.

Figure 1: Example of Initial Patient Registration page
(click on image to enlarge)

Figure 2: Example of New User Registration page
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