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Clinical Study-Portal

Co-design Partnership program & 'White label' usage

Why are we looking for Co-Design Partners?

In our vision, product development can only be successful when done in close cooperation with actual users. This is the best guarantee to have a close fit between the Portal's features and the User's requirements. Therefore, in order to strengthen our major requirement of high levels of usability, we rely on you as a (potential) customer to define with us how features should be implemented.

Study-Portal is open for any Partnership with companies who either want to use the Study-Portal tools or who want to integrate their own product into the secure Portal environment. Our only requirement is that you are also active in the Pharmaceutical or Research arena.

As an example, if you have developed a Product training for a Pharmaceutical company and are looking for a secured environment to make your training online available for Clinical Investigators, we are more then happy to team together and work out a proper solution for this.

What can I gain with a Partnership ?

You can gain a lot with a Partnership. Your main benefit is that you will see a lot of items from your wishlist returned in the Portal Feature list. It is like you get the feature set of a custom built program for the price of an off-the-shelf software package.

Is every project or idea eligible?

No, your project or idea needs to be something which hasn't already been implemented. Or your idea at least needs to add something new or exciting to the existing Study Portal feature set. Tip: anything regarding Clinical Trial Patient participation or Trial Patient communication will almost certain 'win' you a co-design Partnership.

Interested ?

If you are interested to learn more about our Study Portal co-design program, then please contact us and specify your area of interest.

'White Label' usage

As the content and layout of the Study-Portal can be completely adjusted, it is also possible to fully integrate your own product or software tool into the web-portal and sell 'as if it is your own product'. We call this 'white label' usage. Or to use a Wikipedia term: 'A white label product or service is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they made it'.

We have special pricing programs available for Co-design Partners or white-label usage. For more information, please contact Clinical Study-Portal

Tell me more about Partnership

Study Portal is specifically interested in co-design partners who want to enhance Patient participation in clinical trials.

    enhance Trial recruitment using online tools
    reduce Patient dropout using online study feedback & Text (SMS) reminders
    enhance patient engagement through better communication